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Exi Bargraph Indicator BGI 210i


The BGI 210i is operated by four keys on the front panel.

  • Direct use in the hazardous area
  • Three bargraph indication and one switchable digital indication
  • Three analogue inuts 4 - 20 mA or Pt 100
  • Two analague outputs 4 - 20 mA
  • Six digital inputs
  • Six digital outputs
  • Six LED's for alarms
  • Linearization functions for each input with 25 steps
  • Free selectable function blocks with arithmetic functions
  • Modbus interface

Due the intrinsically safe design and the IP65 front, the three channel bargraph indicator BGI 210 i is the best choice for automation of super-visory tasks at process level.

By directly connecting the sensors to the BGI 210 i, the necessary signal separation to safe area may be dropped. That means minimizing the installation and investment costs.

  • Tech-Long
  • B&R Automation
  • EMC Industrial Group
  • Scaime
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