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Condiment Filling Monobloc



Single cylinder and micro-vacuum isotonic filling principle is used for filler of this kind, which solved many problems, such bubble, leakage and large deviation for filling accuracy by traditional multi-tanks, it also largely increases filling efficiency, for example, the filling output for 80 heads can reach 24000bph.


  • Magnetic control with decenter muffler filling valve.
  • Clean platform structure with unit roof type for the baseplate.
  • Micro-vacuum soy sauce filing mechanism.
  • Newly cap fetching, centering and capping mechanism.
  • Annular product tank.


Condiment Filling Monobloc is mainly used for soy sauce filling as well as non-carbonated beer, edible oil, sweetened vinegar and distilled vinegar filling. Besides, it can be used for PET bottles, HDPE bottles, glass bottles for edible oil and soy sauce.

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