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5 Gallon Filling Monobloc



5 Gallon Filling Monobloc features advanced technology, newly design, reliable performance, easy operation, scientific process and good sanitary conditions. The complete production line combines empty bottles conveying, internal bottle pre-washing, automatic de-capper, external bottle washing, bottle feeding, bottle discharging, internal and external bottle washing, filling, cap application, cap pressing, lamp inspection, shrink film, bagging machine and product water. The fully automatic intelligent production and strict control for the whole production process can ensure that it meets state hygiene standards and regulations during the complete washing and filling process. Besides, strictly controlling for secondary contamination during filling to achieve aseptic production makes it the ideal, recognized and reliable automatic bottle production line.


  • It is composed of housing, de-capping device, cap blower, bottle pressing device, bottle stop device, conveying system, etc.
  • The de-capping head adopts double cylinder structure which is fit for caps of wide range.
  • When bottle height changes, it is possible to regulate rack height only but no need to regulate the de-capping head.
  • when de-cap, the bottom of bottles do not contact with the conveyer, which decrease abrasion to the bottom.


5 gallon filler is mainly used for 5 gallon purified water, mineral water and etc.

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